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Thursday, December 14,  2006




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   MOUNTAINEER readers with items to sell priced at less than $499 have an avenue of opportunity opened to them -- free of charge -- with the Mountaineerís Mountain Market service.
    Since the Thursday, February 5, 2003 edition readers have been able to advertise qualified items in the Mountain Market space free of charge. This feature is a part of the Mountaineerís weekly edition. As well as electronically for those classifieds submitted via the webpage.
    Advertising in the market space means your ad will be seen in some 8,500 homes or viewed several thousand times a month on the World Wide Web.
   Only items priced at less than $499 will be accepted for the space, which is open to those with items for sale, as well as buyers looking for specific items.
    The service is open only to individuals and no commercial or business entries will be listed in the space. Yard sales are not eligible. The price of your item must be listed with the ad.

   Ads may be up to 20 words and should be marked for the Mountain Market and mailed to the Mountaineer at P.O. Box 2040, Grundy, Va., 24614-2040; faxed to 276-935-2125; or hand delivered to the Grundy Plaza Office. You may also email your ad to us at No phone calls will be accepted for the Mountain Market space.
    Submissions must be written clearly. If we canít read it, we canít type it. To run an ad more than once, it must be resubmitted. Be sure to include contact information in the description.
        The deadline weekly for the Mountain Market feature is Monday at 11 a.m. Late submissions will run in the next available issue.
  If you have items for sale over $499 or represent a commercial interest, contact The Virginia Mountaineer for information about our standard classified ads. 276-935-2123.

Ad Requirements: Whether you write in, fax, drop-off, or email your ad to us, we need your name, phone number, price of item and a description of your item. Your name will not be listed with your ad unless you request it. Email:
(for Mountain Market Ads Only)
(*Plus, this email is checked only on Mondays, deadline 11 a.m. Late submissions will run in the next available issue.)
Fax:    276-935-2125
Mail:   P.O. Box 2040
            Grundy, VA 24614-2040
Or Stop By The Office:
Grundy Plaza